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Pass the camera through the holes

January 18, 2019

Check out the images below that go with this post, and there's some links in case you want more info on gear of software

My son, Kenzo, turned one around the holidays. The baby shower theme had been 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' so we had a ton of this stuff lying around, including a wind up toy.  In 2018 we filmed two book trailers and thought it would be fun to video inspired by this book.

The first step was getting food items with holes.  We froze everything then used wood bits to drill holes, progressively bigger, in each item. 

We deiced to use our Blackmagic 4k Cinema Camera for its small size, LOG 10bit color, and 4k-ness - The Ursa Mini Pro is sweet, but a bit cumbersome.

Next we need to do somewhat similar passes of each item.  Originally we planned to comp all these passes together.  We used some c-stands and a CameTV Slider to rig up a slider that floats the camera over the table (attached at the top - see pics). 

We did a hero pass with the strawberry, an apple pass, bread pass, and caterpillar pass. 

Lastly, we shot and HDR (in case we need to add CG) and we used a Structure Scanner to make models of the apple and bread.  

We used the models we made to track the camera's path in PFTrack.  Unfortunately, the reflections and shadows became a bit of and issue and with time not on our side, we pulled stills and projected them into the hero camera's path.  All the comp was done in Nuke. We used the models we made as projection surfaces.  We did have to re-create the inside of the bread however.

Last we rottoscoped the wind-up toy, re-timed it and placed it in the scene. 

Fun stuff.

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