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The Chalk specializes in Visual Effects & offers end-to-end video production

We are a Digital Imaging and Content Creation Boutique. We're more than video; we incorporate a plethora of imaging tools including (but not limited to) 3D scanning, photogrammetry, physics simulations, and computational photography. We specialize in visual effects (vfx) and use the same software & tools used to create Hollywood blockbusters.

Conveniently located between LA and NY in the Denver Metro area, our clients include independent feature films, high-end corporate communications and marketing, episodic television and commercials. We’re a small team. We’re specialized, flexible, and maneuverable; being small has its advantages. Since 2013 The Chalk has contributed over 2000 visual effects shots to 13 independently produced feature films.

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Free consultation, VFX breakdowns & budgets; and most importantly, a plan to make great visual effects

As a Post Boutique, we see the same mistakes over and over: Green material on monitors intended for replacement, poorly placed tracking markers, no HDR photos. . . to name a few.  Visual Effects artists are so good that the "we'll fix it in post" post mindset has extended to every possible problem.  A Visual Effects Supervisor on set could save hours in post fixing easily avoidable mistakes. 


All the equipment and experience needed to "Fix it on Set"

Visual Effects is traditionally thought of as post-production work.  However in the contemporary film-making pipeline there are roles for visual effects during production. 

This often includes digital imaging of elements for use in compositing, textures for 3D, photos for matte paintings or reference, photogammetry photos and scanning, as well as HDR for Image Based lighting (IBL).  Also scans of actors and props may be acquired off set. 

The Supervisor will also advise in the correct procedures for filming your live action plates.  Often there are special considerations need to make shots work smoothly in post.


The Chalk's post-production services include editing, color correction, and light sound work.  What sets us apart from the crowd is our expert visual effects knowledge.  We offer the gamut of 3d and 2d visual effects. 

Many Post houses start at the lowest point of entry with After Effects and Cinema 4D powering their VFX offering; our pipeline is build around The Foundry's Nuke compositing and conform software.  Nuke was described by the Academy of Motion Pictures as ‘the backbone of compositing and image processing pipelines across the motion picture industry.'

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Thomas, the principle artist at The Chalk, has been compositing for 12 years.  He's a certified to train Nuke artists.  Thomas also teaches post-production classes at The Colorado Film School.

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