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An Intro To Nuke

February 14, 2019

I know there's a lot of people out there who want to improve their movie making skills and production value.  You don't have the money to hire vfx artist, even reasonably priced services, but what you do have is TIME.   Time to learn and time to do your own vfx shots.  That's how The Chalk got started; taking advantage of the time we had to learn and practice.  With that in mind I'm posting a video of an intro to Nuke software - I (Thomas Tamura) am a certified Nuke Trainer, so I do have some street cred!!  there will be other lessons to come too.  So sit back grab some footage and a Nuke Non commercial and learn some compositing.

One note, I do use a Wacom Tablet with the pen mapped to: tap = left, up buttoon = right, down button = middle.  I might refer to that in video.  The link will take you to the basic model, which is good enough.  I use the Intuos Pro, but honestly I just use the basic features -rarely touch the buttons on the side.

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