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What is The Chalk?

We are a Digital Imaging and Content Creation Boutique. What sets The Chalk apart is the our ability to use visual effects, high end software, hardware, and imaging devises open the door to vastly more creative possibilities.

In the Age of COVID-19 our mobile studio is the perfect solution to create beautiful crisis communication videos. Our top of the line equipment and experienced crew produces cinematic production quality. Using our one man crew to film in your office reduces the risk of spreading virus. And with the use of high quality shotgun mics over LAVs there's no touching required.

VFX is in our DNA (and our name), but we offer a wide range of traditional services such filming, editing, color correction, and custom motion graphics which have been utilized by businesses and corporations. When you add movie quality VFX like the seamless green screen compositing, custom 3D graphic animation, and custom 2D graphic packages your content will truly stand out.

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Storyboarding & Pre-viz



Motion Graphics


Color Correction

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Whether you come with an idea or we generate one together, we handle the logistics

Planning your a large shoot is a large task.  We'll break down your script and layout exactly what people, props, equipment, locations, and crew you'll need.  And, yes, we can provide a cost estimate for productions and post work.  Having a plan is crucial so Development time is included in our retainer packages. 


We have the lights, camera,  microphones, & software at your disposal

With a background in Cinematography and Visual Effects The Chalk is positioned to deliver cutting edge images.  Production is more than just lights, cameras, and mics these days; it can in involve mirror balls, 3D scanners, and custom CGI assets.  Whether you're in the market for branded social media campaign, a cinematic animation, or just live action cinematography The Chalk can tell your story


Your business deserves all that post-production has to offer in 2020

Editing is just the beginning of our modern post pipe line.  We are experts at green screen extractions, and compositing.  We also do physics simulations, 3D animation, motion graphics, 3D environments, digital matte paintings, explainer animation, & color correction.  Everything you need

We have the experience of countless corporate videos, short form, TV as well as visual effects for 10 independent features.  Principle Artist, Thomas Tamura, is a certified by Foundry to teach the Academy Award winning Nuke.  He also teaches Post at the Colorado Film School

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