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What is The Chalk?

We are a Digital Imaging and Content Creation Boutique. There's tons of people out there making videos with video cameras; we're so much more than that. Here at The Chalk we offer the full range of video services. Every film maker, marketer, advertiser, and designer is going to tell you they tell stories. And that video can convey your story best. We all do this, we're all story tellers. . . What sets The Chalk apart is the our ability to use visual effects, high end software, hardware, and imaging devises open the door to vastly more creative possibilities.

VFX is in our DNA (and our name), but we offer a wide range of traditional services such filming, editing, color correction, and custom motion graphics which have been utilized by businesses and corporations. When you add movie quality VFX like the seamless green screen compositing, custom 3D graphic animation, and custom 2D graphic packages your content will truly stand out.

There's an unfathomable amount of companies that shoot and edit; The Chalk vfx unlocks your creative freedom with our visual effects services. We use the same tools High End tools used on feature film, because we work on feature films. Even if you don't take advantage of that digital wizardry you'll still benefit from our high end cinema cameras, lens, and years of experience lighting. Choose to stand out.

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The Chalk and associates pride our selves on being creative thinkers, problem solvers, and idea generators.  After learning about your business identity and goals we can help strategize media ideas to meet your needs.   When paired with our visual effects, motion graphics, and animation capabilities we can produce content that truly stands apart from your competition. 

We offer story board and concept development services as well as script breakdown, scheduling, and detailed planning. 

Here’s some examples of media strategies we’ve helped customers with.

Social Media

Our entry level package delivers a minimum of 4 short videos so you can have a 1 unique post per week (and there's no reason you can't post the same content on multiple occasions and platforms).   We format your content for each network (1:1 Instagram, 16:9 Facebook, 9:16 IGTV, etc.).   Instead of short daily releases, a weekly show is more inline with your network’s desires.  We can help plan and execute the social media plan that is right for you.  

Pay per click

These are the short ads that play before YouTube videos.  You can have paid search ads and video ad campaigns all managed from Google Adwords.  You can also host these ads on Instagram an Facebook; we’ll deliver properly formatted video for all your video ad campaigns

Training & Instructional Videos

Over the years The Chalk has shot training videos for clients around the metro area including; ClearChoice, Paciugo Gelato, and Arapahoe Park.  We’ve also filmed conferences and presentations and created full length, segmented and highlight videos for distribution.  

Corporate Communications

Some business want their internal media to look as polished as their client facing media.  The Chalk worked with ClearChoice Management Services for the past two year creating the content and branding elements for their internal communications.  I assisted in the development of ideas for content.  And I was the sole creator of the content, form production to completion.  The video's we created for ClearChoice had a motivating effect on their team and proved far more effective for communicating than newsletters or email.  Our video's ultimately replaced both of these mediums over the course of the year for major announcements.

Book Trailers & Product Demonstrations

This is a bit of a specialty.  In 2018 we started making book trailers for Suntup Editions.   We've also shot and edited some product demos.  Just a few more things we have experience with


We shoot 4k and above in 10-12 bit color using cinema quality cameras and lens.   Out in-house equipment offerings are deep, eliminating the need to rely on rental houses. 

You can hire us for a “One-off” shoot, or take advantage of the cost savings through our monthly retainer packages.  Scroll down for a price comparison of the packages we offer.   In today's social media landscape this is the perfect avenue to deliver consistent content to your followers.  The filming is done over a period of 1/2-2 days and all the deliverables are created from that shooting time. Alternatively shooting can be spread out if you require; for example, to deliver breaking news such as sales reports. 

When you think of "production" images of cameras and lights are conjured up.  The Chalk’s signature service, branded by our customers as ‘The Mobile Studio’, is set-up at your location to record a message in front of a green screen.  Our hassle free system helps you maximize your time by bringing the studio to you; all the advantages of a green screen without having to travel. 


Post-production is where it all comes together.  We offer the full range of post-production services from simple picture editing to 3D animation.  Here's a simple overview of our pipeline.


Whether your delivering us the assets or we filmed your show The Chalk's post production pipeline starts in Hiero or DaVinci Resolve where all the assets and video are organized.


If there's editing to be done we have several paths to take depending on what works best for your project.   Editing may be done in Adobe Premier, Resolve, Hiero, for Final Cut Pro X.   The editing stage is where things get started at The Chalk.   The Edit goes back to Hiero to prepare the VFX shots.

Visual Effect & Compositing

If you've opted to use a green screen this is the stage where your logo and branding element are brought into a 3D package to create the custom background.   Next, using Nuke, we expertly remove the green screen  replacing it with the background in such a way that the two appear to be photographed together.   Although many people think that using a green screen makes it "easy" to replace the background, you'll find that few companies offer this service.  The reason is that it takes years of experience and expertise to make it look good.  

In addition to green screens there's countless uses for compositing.  Think of it like photoshop on videos.  For a detailed look at a small of the VFX we've done check out the VFX side of or site.   There's no reason not to utilize our visual effects capabilities to tell your story.

3D Graphics & Animation

Some projects are %100 animation.  Here's were we bring in the pre-vis edits and start animating 3D models.  We develop shaders and us Mari to paint textures. 

This is also the stage were we create 3D motion graphics, opening titles, and 3D version of your logo.

2D Graphics

We have and ever growing library of 2D graphics package (lower 3rds and titles) created in house which we can easily adjust and customize for each client.  We give you original graphics customized with your colors and branding standards. 

2D Animation

2D animations differs from 2D graphics because here we are bring in elements from Illustrator or Photoshop to be animated.  We can do traditional 2D animation or 2.5D animation using Nuke depending on your needs.


Back in Hiero or Resolve, where the project originated,  all the above elements are brought back in and inserted into the edit where preview  and WIPs (work in progress) review files are created for the client and the in house teams. 

Color Correction & Finishing

The final stage in the process is Color Correction.  This is where all the shots from multiple cameras are matched and the show is given a 'look'.  

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